Rodli Web Strategies has served businesses, non-profits and churches for over 20 years. We are based in Missoula, Montana.
Website design, redesign, maintenance, optimization for search engines and mobile phones, social media, e-commerce, and more.
Church design and redesign plans start at $45.00 per month, include WordPress, audio messages, optimization for Google and mobile phones, editing instructions and more.

Understanding small organizations

Based in Missoula, Montana

Rodli Web Strategies assists numerous small business, non-profit and churches in Missoula, Montana, and throughout the United States; we specialize in small organization website design, social media and search engine strategies.

Taking the time to understand your vision for your Internet strategies doesn’t mean that development should take months to complete.  And sometimes, you don’t have the time to develop your strategy.  Rodli Web Strategies will work with you or help you develop a modern, quick, effective website that can be easily discovered.

Current clients

45 +

Business Clients

11 +

Non-profit clients

49 +

Church Clients
website design 80%
Search Engine Strategies 60%

Christian Life Center

Featured Client

We have assisted Christian Life Center for over 10 years.  We have redesigned the website 4 times in the past 10 years.  In addition to the website, we assist with social media, live streaming the Sunday service, an d posting audio messages each Sunday.  See for yourself >>

Church packages

Affordably update your church website

In most cases, we offer a monthly package for churches which includes a new or redesigned website, email and hosting for a monthly fee beginning at $45.00 per month.

Innovative, modern design

We utilize WordPress

Our church websites provide the latest designs and techniques to ensure a visually pleasing website and meeting the standards Google desires for websites.