Church Websites


Affordable church websites start at $45.00 per month to redesign or create your website. Our personal service, designs and search engine rankings will beat the large church website companies.


We do our best to answer our phone calls and reply to emails in a timely fashion; we want to hear from you!


We value each and every client! We do not complete your project then disappear.


You will find our prices and service to be a good balance between affordable and providing quality.

Listen, Create, Implement

Whether your church is starting from scratch or already has an internet presence, we can provide you with a high quality, affordable church websites packages and Internet services.  Our church packages start at $45.00 per month.  Our package includes hosting on one of the largest website hosting providers in the nation, optimized for search engines, optimized for smart phones, and instructions for maintaining the website.  Weekly text edits and sermon audio upload are simple and require a short phone call or “skype session” to learn.

Affordable church websites are our specialty where you control the relationship and allow us to help you as needed.  Additional services may include audio sermons / podcasts, live streaming, online giving, social media, statistical review and visual branding.

We desire to see small-to-mid sized churches have a professional representation on the Internet designed to fit your church’s direction and situation.


One important element to many church Internet strategies is ranking.  If you do not rank well in Google, then you are less likely to have new visitors.  High Google ranking continues to be one of the most important facilitators for new visitors choosing your church.   Our affordable church websites consistently places its church clients in the first page of their respective cities and towns, often times as the first position.  Often times, the large church website design companies do not help you nor have the proper techniques to help you rank well.  We want to help you achieve this ranking and improve your overall visibility!

Cornerstone Church


Cornerstone Church in Aberdeen, Washington is one of our oldest clients.  We have performed 3 redesigns for them over the years.  They wanted a simple and clean layout that conveyed a warm presentation with easy navigation to the various pages; not too many pages, but enough for a visitor to learn about Cornerstone, and the congregation to access weekly content.  See for yourself >>


Updating content on a weekly basis

Rodli Web Strategies takes the time to work with the staff, teaching them how to edit the content of the website including weekly events and weekly Sunday messages.


Questions and changes come up and we are there to help

Over the years, we have helped numerous churches with questions about implementing new technologies. And there have been times when leadership has changed, and Rodli Web Strategies has been able to help with the website and social media during the transitions.